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The pendant is crafted from high-quality, treated brass. Each piece is meticulously hand-painted and hand-finished with a laser-cut technique from brass sheets and was inspired by my illustration.

Little Prince and his love

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  • Made-to-order products - Please wait 2 days after payment


    Pendant measure around 24 x 24mm polished on gold filled chain 40cm in length with a 5cm extended chain (non-irritant)


    It will be carefully packed for travel to ensure it arrives safely


    Polishing cloth included


    While brass naturally develops a patina over time, we encourage wearers to embrace the evolving finish of the metal. However, if you prefer the original shine, it can be easily restored through polishing.

    For more information on how to care for your brass jewellery, please refer to our 'Caring Your Brass' below or contact me directly at

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