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Creative takes courage

Adults tend to forget that we were once children. As we grow with the passing years, we unknowingly become adults, and life is no longer simple. We lose our curiosity about the future, and it becomes challenging to rediscover the pure joy we once knew. All that remains is self-covered in various protective layers.

Stepping into the world of children's book creation, I rediscovered that innocence, curiosity, and boundless imagination. It awakened the inner child within me. This inner child reminds me to hold onto hope in a chaotic world, to laugh heartily in moments of joy, to cry when hurt, and then to stand up and keep moving forward.

Hello, I am Pearl, a children's book illustrator and cat lover living in England. In 2015, I embarked on the journey of PearlCatCat, a design brand based in Hong Kong, merging stories and illustrations into handmade brass jewellery, fabric, and paper products. I hope the childlike fun of my work brings you a moment of joy. 

Thank you for your support of my small creative business.

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