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crying is okay here

Saan = 山 = Mountain


Meet “Saan”, whose name means 'mountain' in Cantonese. Although not as towering as Mount Everest, this small yet mighty mountain possesses a heart full of kindness.


One day, Saan came across a lost and crying raincloud. She had lost her way in the vast sky and couldn't continue her journey. Saan comforted her with a warm embrace and offered her companionship for as long as she needed.


As time passed, under Saan's careful care, the cloud recovered. She saw other clouds freely floating in the sky, exploring the world with curiosity. Deep down in her heart, she knew she wanted to leave Saan and continue her journey, but she also realized that leaving Saan, who had taken care of her wholeheartedly, might be too cruel.


However, Saan already knew that the cloud belonged to the sky. He encouraged her to continue her journey and explore the world with courage. He reassured her that he would always be here for her if she needed him. ‘Crying is okay here,’ he said.

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